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Ren Faire Held Up With Swords By Guys In Plate Armor. No, Seriously. | UPROXX

Been meaning to post this for a minute. These guys are brilliant.

Star Wars | braves.com: Tickets

I know most of you probably aren't that big into sports but maybe this will change your minds.

When the beat goes off | Harvard Gazette

Serial comma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Post 2/2 regarding commas. Don't know if you were aware that this actually had a name. And, evidently, a little controversy.

Two More Comma Rules You Oughta Know! | LitReactor

Post 1/2 regarding commas. Enjoy or not.

The Consumerist » Want Chick Fil-A Taste Without The Controversy? There’s A Recipe For That

In case anybody decides that they no longer want to patronize Chick-Fil-A because of their stances on any issues, here is a recipe for you to make your own at home. Haven't tried it so I don't know how close it is, but it does look fantastic.

Why Is Dad So Mad? | The Board of Education

One of the benefits of having a small child is the ability to listen to the kids radio stations on satellite radio. When that happens you occasionally come across such gems as this.

'Phase One' of Marvel Studios Movies To Be Released As 10-Disc Collector's Set On Blu-ray

You know you want it.

Arcade Light Switch - HackerThings

You know you want it.